Holtwood Whitewater Park

Last week, two of our Pennsylvania-based TBO guides had the chance to meet a group of kayakers hitting up whitewater features off the Susquehanna River. Shaking the water off their wetsuits, panting slightly from hauling their play boats up the hill, it was obvious they were hyped up for the paddling season ahead. They were more that glad to tell story after story from one of their favorite spots in the county; brand-spankin'-new Holtwood Whitewater Park. Who knew such a cool place was right in Lancaster City's back (or, more correctly, front) yard?
There's always more to be learned on the water, even for the greatest wilderness pro. So go on, get outside, check out the park, meet other paddlers and sharpen your whitewater skills! Play hard and be safe! And who knows, we just might be there too.

You can read an article on the new park here: http://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/Article/view/articleid/32201/.

Or go to the PPL website and check out the whitewater park scheduled water releases: http://pplholtwood.com/lake-levels/

For weekly updates and information, or to connect with paddlers in this area, check out the Holtwood Whitewater Park's page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Holtwood-whitewater-park/635767109778733