James River, VA: Balcony Falls Campsite Tour

Oh, you know you want to explore these rocks! Aren't you glad it's never too early to start planning for next year?

We shot this rather shaky review of our gorgeous campsite just above Balcony Falls on the James River in mid-October of 2014. Our favorite perks of this spot? The swinging grate over the campfire, the clotheslines, the abundance of firewood still remaining at the end of the season, the rock formations just downriver, and the waterfall! This is a perfect spot to have a solo day, because there is plenty of space for a large group to spread out and lots of fun areas to explore.
Downstream, there is a fairly calm route on the far right bank that makes it easy to paddle down to the rock island and scout Balcony Falls.

To take a campsite tour, click the link below. Happy planning!