Tips for Sleeping While Camping with a Therma-Rest

Nervous about sleeping in the wilderness? Addicted to your sleep number bed? No worries! Therma-rests are totally adjustable.

Seriously though, there’s nothing longer than the night hours when you can’t fall asleep. Here are a few tips.

  • Don’t drink a lot right before bed, especially not coffee!
  • Wash your face and brush your teeth. Yes, that was your mother speaking. Not. But really,
    feeling clean is relaxing.
  • Be sure your therma-rest is fully inflated and tightly closed before you (or anyone else!) sit on it.
  • When camping on uneven ground, be sure your head is on the upslope.
  • For some people, the switch from pillows the flat, barren ground is disturbing. Elevate your head
    with an extra sweatshirt, a pack or whatever else you can find.
  • If you’re a light sleeper, pack earplugs. The same sounds that lull one person to sleep are
    another person’s nightmare. And then there’s... snoring. Enough said.
  • Ways to Sleep Warm When Cold-Weather Camping
  • Go to bed warm. Do a few jumping jacks right before crawling into your sleeping bag. That being said...
  • Don’t sweat! If you go to bed still damp from the time you spent toasting yourself by the campfire, you are guaranteed to wake up at 3 a.m. shivering like a bobblehead on a dashboard. If you do happen to get sweaty before bed, dry off as best you can before climbing into your sleeping bag.
  • Wear a hat that will stay on your head through the night. The largest percentage of body heat escapes through your head.
  • Have the proper items handy so that if you need to use the bathroom, you can get up and do it without waking the dead. And trust me, the momentary chill will be much easier in the long run than shivering through the rest of the night, your body wasting much-needed energy to heat unneeded... um... waste.
  • In super cold temps, eat something with calories before bed. The extra energy will help you sleep much warmer.
  • Warm your water before bed, and store your water-bottle in your sleeping bag. It will keep you warm, and your body heat will keep your water from freezing.
  • If sharing a tent, sleep up against another person to maximize both of your body heat. It’s called synergy, folks!