Ultra-Light Backpacking Tips

Ultra-light backpacking fanatics are passionate about their style, because they know just how liberating a smaller pack can be. Not only can they go more places and see more sights in a day, but they also have less muscle strain and are generally much more confidant and creative. I’ve heard it more than once, “The most experienced backpackers always have the best gear.” Why? Because they are experienced... they’ve had years of practice to figure out what works for them, to make all the mistakes in the books and learn from them. They learn what they can do without, and what gear they need to make their hiking trip as safe and enjoyable as possible.

How can I lighten my load without compromising safety? That’s the bottom line.

For Beginners: It’s Not Hard to Lighten Your Load

Start small, and go from there. A few basic tips:

  • Follow a gear list, and don’t pack last-minute! You’ll be more likely to throw in unnecessary items “Just in case!” if you’re rushed and worried that you’ll forget something.
  • Use a pack with the proper capacity. If it’s too big, you’ll be tempted to fill it.
  • Use a digital scale while making packing choices. The weight of some items may surprise you!
  • Be creative! Think about ways you could use one item for multiple purposes. Trim down to the
  • Take smaller amounts. Do your homework so you’ll know just how much food, soap, etc. you
    will need.
  • Choose the lightest food options that will still give a high level of bang for their buck. Discard
    extra packaging.

For the Veterans

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