What We Teach

We are honored to partner with your group from the planning stage to guiding you on a fun and exiting trip. We commit to doing our best to make your trip a succsess, if that means tech support, spiritual input, or trip planning our guides are excided about assessing your need with you and doing what we can to fill in where you need us. We have expertise in team-builing activities, wilderness first aid, coaching and spiritual development. We strive to cmmunicate using experiential education methods that combine the outdoor experience with life back home.


Spiritual Topics that we often cover on our trips

  • Identity in Christ
  • Living On Purpose
  • Developing Christ-like character
  • Leadership Models
  • How inner transformation happens
  • The value of solo time and journaling
  • Engaging your personal story

Technical skills we often cover

  • Leave no trace camping
  • Setting up and maintaining a great campsite
  • Packing light
  • Canoeing skills
  • Navigation with a Map and compass
  • Fire building skills