100-Mile Wilderness, Maine, USA

If you love lakes, well-earned views and the feeling of being all alone in true wilderness, this hike is for you! Long renowned as the most remote section of the Appalachian Trail, the 100-Mile Wilderness section of the AT is accessible by car only via a handful of private gravel roads (gated, for-fee entrance allowed within certain time limits). Rock-scramble the strenuous, root-striped trail up and across mountain ranges, gorge on huckleberries on the rock-paved ledges, swim with loons in the lakes and ponds, test your balance as you walk the log bog bridges through mountain wetlands, and rejoice when you find the river crossings are not flooded.

FLORA & FAUNA: deciduous and evergreen forest, alpine mosses and flowers, blueberries, huckleberries, moose, black bear, coyote, porcupine, grouse, owl, loon, snakes, aquatic life.

TERRAIN: mountain, lake, wetland, river



N Day Trip
N Weekend Trip
Y 4 to 7-day trip
Y 7 to 14-day trip
N Loop trip
Y Shuttle service nearby

HAZARDS: Remote location, river crossings, exposed sections of trail, treacherous footing.

WHERE TO FIND MAPS/CHARTS: atctrailstore.org


PETS ALLOWED? Yes. Rules apply.


100-Mile Wilderness 10-Day Itinerary: 103.9 miles total

Day 1
Drive to Abol Bridge Parking Lot; get a shuttle ride to ME 15.
Hike 6.8 miles to Little Wilson Stream Campsite.

Day 2
Hike 10.6 miles.
Water stop at Long Pond Stream Lean-To.
Scout camp on Barren Ledges.

Day 3
Hike 11.2 miles to East Chairback Pond campsite.

Day 4
Hike 3.1 miles to Gulf Hagas Trail (pronounced HAY-gus).
Hike 5.2 miles on Gulf Hagas Trail, explore waterfalls, swim in Buttermilk Falls swimming hole. A small piece of paradise!
Rejoin Appalachian Trail, hike 3.5 miles to camp at Carl A. Newhall Lean-to.

Day 5
Hike 10.8 miles to East Branch Lean-to.

Day 6
Hike 16 miles to Antlers Campsite.

Day 7
Rest day.

Day 8
Hike 13.6 miles to Wadleigh Stream Lean-to.

Day 9
Hike 11.9 miles to Rainbow Lake Campsite.

Day 10
Hike 11 miles to your car at Abol Bridge parking lot.

Abol Bridge Campground (207-447-5803) and Shaw's Lodging (207-997-3597) have shuttles, camping, breakfast and showers for a fee.
Rainbow Ledges is a prime huckleberry and blueberry feasting ground in August. Would make a great spot for solitude time!

Emergency Contact Information: 
Information: Appalachian Trail Conservancy, (304) 535-6331
Optional activities in the area: 

Biking, paddle sports, ATV trails, fishing.