Adirondack Park, New York, USA

The first thing you might think of when we mention New York is the 'Big Apple', one of America's most important cities. However, you probably didn't know that New York state is home to the largest state park in the USA-Adirondack Park! The vast size of Adirondack Park-roughly the size of the state of Vermont-and the fact that it has been protected as "forever wild" for over a century means that here is a place where you can truly lose yourself.

FLORA & FAUNA: deciduous and evergreen forest, wildflowers, black bear, coyote, bobcat, beaver, porcupine, moose, deer, eagle, loon, heron and many others.

TERRAIN: Lake, river, swamp, mountain.

BEST TIME TO EXPLORE: Early June or during the month of September for the best chance to avoid peak mosquito season and peak tourist season.

ROUTE OPTIONS: canoe, portage, hiking

Y Day Trip
Y Weekend Trip
Y 4 to 7-Day Trip
Y 7 to 14-Day Trip
Y Loop Trip
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HAZARDS: Black bear that are acclimated to humans. Navigation in this wilderness requires skill and experience.

WHERE TO FIND MAPS & CHARTS:, or ask for a National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map of Adirondack Park at any major outdoor retailer.

PERMITS & REGULATIONS: Groups of ten or more campers and stays of more than three days in one campsite require a permit from the DEC Forest Ranger responsible for the area. The use of approved bear cannisters is required for overnight users in specific areas and during certain times of year. Always ask a Forest Ranger for current information when planning a trip.

PETS ALLOWED? Yes, in most areas. Discuss your itinerary with a ranger if you plan to bring your pet.



Day 1
Drive to Forked Lake Access and unload.
Shuttle trailer to Paul Smiths.
Put on at Forked Lake Access.
Paddle 2 miles to camp at shelter.

Day 2
Paddle 20 miles to camp at Raquette Falls Shelter.

Day 3
Canoe 10 miles to camap on Middle Saranac Lake.

Day 4
Climb Ampersand Mountain.
Canoe 5 miles to camp at shelter on Saginaw Bay.

Day 5
Paddle 10 miles to camp at Follensby Clear Pond.
Disperse for 24-hour solo.

Day 6
Solo day.
Camp at Follensby Clear Pond.

Day 7
Paddle 15.5 miles.
Take out at Paul Smiths.

Emergency Contact Information: 
Ranger Station: 518-897-1300
Optional activities in the area: 

Mountain Biking, Fishing, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Snowshoeing, Cross-Country Skiing