Loyalsock Trek

Loyalsock Camping Trip

The Loyalsock Trail travels over many logging roads and railroad grades, remnants of the Pennsylvania lumber boom of the early 1900’s. One segment of the LT follows the Native American Towanda Path which predates European settlement. The trail visits a vast array of highlights on the Loyalsock State Forest including an historic CCC Camp, scenic vistas and cascading waterfalls. 5 day trip: Total miles 39.5 6 day trip: Total miles 45.9 7 day trip: Total miles 59.2 Skill level: easy to moderate You can camp anywhere. If you have groups of more than 10 you need to have a free permit issued by the Loyalsock State Forest Resource Management Center 570-946-4049


Day 1: Start at the trailhead on Rt 87. Hike 8.3 miles - Camp near Painter Run Day 2: Hike 5.3 miles – camp at Hessler Branch (mile 13.8) Day 3: Hike 13.2 miles – camp at the top of Dutter Run (mile 27) Day 4: hike 7 miles - camp above Splash Dam (mile 34) Day 5: hike 5 miles – end at Worlds End road (mile 39.5) Or hike 8 miles – camp at the first left after Neeneha Falls (mile 42) Day 6: Hike 3 miles – end at Worlds End State Park Office (mile 45.9) Or hike 8 miles – camp on old road above Alpine Falls (mile 50) Or hike 13 miles – camp along the Loyalsock creek on the Link trail (mile 55.3) Day 7: Hike 9 miles to the trailhead on Rt 220 (mile 59.2) Or hike 4.2 miles – to the end of the trail (mile 59.2)

Emergency Contact Information: 
911 for police and medical emergencies
570-946-4049 Loyalsock State Forest Resource Management Center