Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia, USA

Step into this "Land of the Trembling Waters"--one of the world's largest intact freshwater ecosystems, and you'll feel like you have stepped into a National Geographic documentary. Gators sink beside you in a trail of bubbles, turtles bask on the fringes of the Cyprus forests, egrets stalk the marshes, armadillos scurry about their nest-building tasks and owls hoot in the star-studded night. From the wide, sluggish Suwanee Canal, to the lily pad tangle of another hidden lake, to the carnivorous pitcher plants and dozens of wildflower varieties lining the 5' corridor leading to Floyds Island, you will see things you've never seen before, and be close enough to touch them!

FLORA & FAUNA: Shrub swamp, prairie, cypress, swamp islands, American alligator, bobcat, deer, armadillo, wood stork, indigo snake, over 600 plant species.

TERRAIN: Wetland.

BEST TIME TO PADDLE: Late fall and early spring to avoid peak mosquito season.

Y Day Trip
Y Weekend Trip
Y 4 to 7-Day Trip
Y 7 to 14-Day Trip
Y Loop Trip
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HAZARDS: Harsh environment; mosquitoes; gators; snakes; navigation requires skill; some very challenging sections of paddling.

WHERE TO FIND MAPS/CHARTS: amazon.com, or ask for the waterproof Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge (National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map) at any major outdoor retailer. Download the Discover Nature Wilderness app for additional information and to track your location during your visit.

PERMITS REQIRED? Yes. Call (912)-496-3331 at least 2 months prior to the time you want to visit.



Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge 5-Day Loop: 44.5 miles total

Day 1
Park your car at King Fisher Landing. Be sure to display a vehicle permit on your dashboard!
Paddle 7.8 miles (moderate/easy paddling).
Camp at Bluff Lake.

Day 2
Paddle 8.7 miles (difficult/moderate paddling).
Camp at Floyds Cabin.

Day 3
Paddle 7 miles (difficult/moderate paddling).
Camp at Big Water.

Day 4
Paddle 9 miles (moderate/easy paddling).
Camp at Maul Hammock.

Day 5
Paddle 12 miles (moderate/easy paddling).
Take out at Kingfisher Landing

Emergency Contact Information: 
Information: (912)-496-7836