Old Loggers Path Trek

Old Loggers Path Hike

The trail is a 27.1 mile long circuit trail located in northeastern Lycoming County. The starting point is located approximately 2.7 miles Southwest of Ellenton on Legislative Route 41110. The trail is located entirely on State Forest Lands, land that had formerly belonged to the Central Pennsylvania Lumber Co. The trail layout has taken advantage of the engineering expertise of the early logging railroaders as it follows the grades. The highlights of the trail are the many cuts & fills on the grades, Rock Run (one of the prettiest streams in Pennsylvania), the vistas that look into the McIntyre Wild Area, Pleasant Stream and the Loyalsock Trail region.


Arrive at The Haft the night before the trip to pack gear, prepare for the trail and sleeping at The Haft. Day 1: Start at the trailhead at Masten. Hike 6 miles – camp at Rock Run and Yellow Dog Intersection (mile 6.3) Day 2: Hike 10 miles – camp on the east side of Pleasant Stream (mile 16) Day 3: Hike 9 miles – camp at Bear Run (mile 25) Day 4: Hike 4 miles – end at Masten 4 day trip: total miles 27.3 Skill level: Strenuous You can camp anywhere. If you have groups of more than 10 you need to have a free permit issued by the Loyalsock State Forest Resource Management Center 570-946-4049

Emergency Contact Information: 
911 - for police and medical emergencies
570-946-4049 - Loyalsock State Forest Resource Management Center